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The Potential in Action course is in high demand. To participate in Potential in Action, all you need is:

  • An academic degree from a Danish university
  • To be unemployed and enrolled at your job centre

Join our next information meeting using the sign-up form or contact Kristoffer Kudsk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or M: +45 70 10 10 44. Please note: It is your affiliate job center that determines whether you are eligible for the course. You are more than welcome to reach out to us if you want to know more about the course before you sign up.


We start new courses multiple times a year so the opportunities for participation are good. We typically start a course with 20 - 30 participating graduates who are divided into four teams to six teams during the introductory weeks. Following this, the teams are sent out in four different companies to solve each their case. The participants have the opportunity to listen to presentations of the different cases by the relevant companies and prioritise where they would like to work. We also take your professional and personal profile as well as the company’s specific needs into consideration when matching cases and candidates.

The most important goal with the project is for you and your fellow team members to get a job and you will have a day off every week to write job applications. If a team member gets a job during the course, this person will leave the team. This is why we always aim for each team to count five graduates. In this way, the case work will get finished even if one or two team members get a job along the way.

What do our participants think?

  • Stefan Octavian Vezeanu

    MSc in International Marketing

    “Potential in Action is my very first recommendation for graduates. Besides being your liaison to the business environment, you get the chance to be mentored through personal sparring. This helped me understand my strengths and boost my confidence in landing my current job. The consultants are all completely dedicated to the program and the mentoring, a fact that I will always be grateful for.”

  • Kiril Boyanov


    “I will definitely recommend Potential in Action to other graduates who have entered the job market with high ambitions and expectations but limited work experience. The commitment and effort behind the course have been on a whole different level than similar offers and the course has helped me in more ways than I imagined. In my perspective, being a part of the course is a big step towards getting a job. There is no need to wait before you sign up - I waited longer than I should have!”

  • Casper Anton Stenberg-Nielsen

    Cand.mag. in Religious Studies

    ”I will definitely recommend Potential in Action to other graduates, especially from the humanities. I thought we belonged in NGOs, public administration or the educational system, and that I would drown in Excel files, suits and long reports in a private company. That was not the case! On the contrary, I quickly settled in and the course has been invaluable for my competency clarification and job search.”

  • Kathrine Petersen

    Cand.mag. in Learning and Change Studies
    “Being a part of Potential in Action gave me access to a surprisingly large network and I needed that after finishing my graduate degree. The consultants gave me a lot of tools and insight, among others tools to expand my network and present my competences and value in a highly effective way. This definitely helped me land a job after the course.”
  • Kristian Vilstrup Tomsen

    Cand.soc. in Education Science

    “I will definitely recommend Potential in Action to other graduates, especially those who haven’t used their academic skills outside their studies yet. The course has given me far better insight into what I offer in different work situations. Moreover, the teamwork has made me capable of directly describing how I handle and perform in busy work environments. I believe this to have been a crucial factor in getting my current job.”

  • Rasmus Sand Sørensen

    B.Eng. Chemical Technology
    “Potential in Action isn’t just another job search course. The project gives real insight into one’s relevant competences and their use in a company – and for me that meant that I landed a job quickly and used what I had learned to onboard efficiently. I will definitely recommend Potential in Action as early in your job search as possible so that you can take full action with your preferred companies from day one.”
  • Lea Waldeier Pedersen

    Cand.mag. in Music and Religious Studies
    ”Through Potential in Action, I have realised the value I can create in a private company and I have used my qualifcations in practice. Honestly, I must say that I joined the project with some skepticism, but I have to admit that it has been a genuinely positive experience. My development throughout the course has been healthy and necessary for me and it will defnitely affect my further job search and clarifcation of what I want.”
  • Thomas Damgaard

    MA in International and Global History
    ”The most important thing that I bring with me from Potential in Action is that even if I previously thought that I could contribute positively in companies where my background seemed a little odd, this feeling has been strengthened through concrete experiences from our project. Even if you try not to focus too much on your niche background, you cannot stop being influenced by it because of the priorities of the job market. You need to challenge that thinking.”
  • Rebecca Stevn

    Cand.mag. in Art History and French
    “Throughout my course at Add Value, I was confirmed in my view that there is a need for visual competencies such as mine in the business world. I have also gained personal support in order to dare to speak up and stand by my opinions. It has been valuable for me in the way that I have learned a lot from other subjects areas and can now put my competencies into a business context.”
  • Anders Sørud Madsen

    Cand.mag. in Religious Studies
    “You are not just making coffee in the companies. We are talking about important tasks that mean something to the companies and their revenue. It is amazing to use one’s qualifications and at the same time see that it influences the company. I will definitely recommend Add Value’s course to other job seekers and the earlier in the job search the better. You really get clarification of your strengths and become sharp at communicating them to the employers.”

Contact Potential in Action

Klaus Midtgaard

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +45 70 10 10 44

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