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We help recent graduates get a job

There are several good reasons to participate in Potential in Action – most importantly our goal is always to help our recently graduated candidates get their first job. Here are just some of the reasons to participate in the course.

Get real work experience on your CV

When companies are looking for new employees, the candidates’ relevant experience is almost always crucial. As Potential in Action entails solving a business case in a private Danish company, it means that you get real life work experience to write on your resume. We only collaborate with companies that offer strategically important cases to our candidates, cases that provide you with formal work experience as well as practical experience using your own professional competencies.

Expand your network - and use our

You have probably heard it before – maybe the most important element in your job search is a strong professional network. We can guarantee that you will expand your professional network considerably through Potential in Action. Not only do you build strategically important relations at the company where you get to work for nine weeks, you also extend the limits of your network in terms of your fellow team members. And last but not least, we in Add Value have a very large professional network which we will put into action in connection with advising you in your job search.

Get to know your personal competencies

Having finished your master’s degree means holding proof of your specialised knowledge and academic skill set. But you have so much more to offer than what is written on your diploma. We give you insight into the whole extent of your personal competencies and help you figure out how you can be of value in a private company. This is something we excel at because we have solid experience with personal development and with professional and personal competency assessment in general. Through Potential in Action you will get both work experience and professional career counselling from our consultants in order for you to discover all the areas in which your profile is relevant.

Experience a company from the inside

You will get to work on a specific business case that an actual Danish company needs solved. For nine weeks, your working day will be closely tied to that of the life and organisation in the company and you will build commercial insight and knowledge about a modern workplace in the private Danish sector as a result.

Get sparring on your own job search

During the whole course, you have access to professional individual sparring with our consultants who all have solid experience within recruitment, HR and staff development. These sessions can be about a variety of things, among others job search strategy, personal profile, CV, application letters, general frustrations or job interviews. We do not decide how many times we are to meet or what we are to talk about – that is up to you. But we are ready to help wherever we can.

Work in a cross-disciplinary team

Teamwork and groups are important in most workplaces and high performance teams are especially gaining grounds as of late. Through Potential in Action you will become a part of an interdisciplinary high performance team striving to deliver specific results in a business environment. That means that you and your team will learn how to work in an efficient, innovative and goal-oriented way so that your performance exceeds the expectations of the company. Your ability to perform will be dependent on joint goals, trust and positive communication.

Bring your own talent into focus

Through your studies and possible study jobs, you have already shown that you have talent within a specific field. Now is the time to bring that talent into action in the corporate world. Potential in Action uncovers all your resources that can benefit private companies – and helps you communicate them in a strategic way. That is one of the main reasons that Potential in Action is able to help so many recent graduates get a job.

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