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Do I still need to apply for jobs while taking part in Potential in Action?

Yes. You are still listed as unemployed during the course and therefore need to apply for jobs. But you do not have to attend meetings at your job centre during the course, since we will take over the advisory function in your job search.

Who can participate in Potential in Action?
  • You must hold a master’s degree.
  • You must be unemployed and receive “dagpenge” (unemployment benefits) from an “a-kasse”.
  • You must have the right to “dagpenge” (unemployment benefits) through the whole course, that is all 10 weeks.
My education or competencies do not immediately match the cases, can I still participate?
Yes! Potential in Action is for you who hold long academic educations and therefore possess the required theoretical and analytical competencies. Potential in Action helps you gain a better understanding of your competencies and how to use them in a business context. You have the talent and qualifications, but you might need to put them into practice and understand them better in order for you to communicate your value to companies and devise a career strategy.
I have planned vacation during the course, can I still participate?

Yes, you can – as long as your vacation does not occupy an extended period of time. All participants should as far as possible be present for all 10 weeks of the course seeing as you are a part of a team that has to solve a task together. But if you have planned a week of vacation, we will figure out a solution. If you are gone for an extended period of time though, it will not do – you will miss out on too much and that will not be ideal for you or the team.

I do not have the opportunity to work full-time from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at a company (because of children, part-time jobs etc.), what can I do?
As far as possible, you have to try and adapt to the working hours of the company. But if you are forced to meet a little later or leave a little sooner, we will figure things out. The team itself will arrange with the company when to meet and leave and there is always some room for flexibility.

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