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Participation is easy and free

Potential in Action is a much requested course and our local divisions usually start up new teams and cases 3-5 times a year.

To participate in Potential in Action, you only have to:

  • Have an academic degree from a Danish university
  • Be unemployed and enrolled at your job centre

Can you check the above boxes? Then call or e-mail us to sign up for our next team. The final list of participants is compiled together with the relevant job centres and there are generally good opportunities for participation. We also have experience with enrolling PBAs – contact us to hear more.

Learn about next course start

Sign up for more information here and we will contact you when we have a date for the next course start. Be aware that this is a waiting list and that it may take some time before we return to you with more information.

“At Add Value I experienced counselling that was targeted to me individually and which was not just the same lecture as everywhere else in the job seeking system. Through a strong project at Baby Dan, I put my competencies into practice, boosted my confidence and gained experience with project work on my resume. In a team of four, we worked intensively on Baby Dan’s relation with their end customers and transformed our academic qualifications and knowledge into a practical, concrete and goal oriented suggested solution that brings Baby Dan closer to their end customers.”
Kristina Ekkelund Jensen
MSc in Engineering and Industrial Design


We start new courses multiple times a year so the opportunities for participation are good. We typically start a course with 25 participating graduates who are divided into five teams of five team members during the introductory weeks. Following this, the teams are sent out in five different companies to solve each their case. The participants have the opportunity to listen to presentations of the different cases by the relevant companies and prioritise where they would like to work. We also take your professional and personal profile as well as the company’s specific needs into consideration when matching cases and candidates.

The most important goal with the project is for you and your fellow team members to get a job and you will have a day off every week to write job applications. If a team member gets a job during the course, this person will leave the team. This is why we always aim for each team to count five graduates. In this way, the case work will get finished even if one or two team members get a job along the way.

Join the next team!

We are continually on the lookout for new university graduates in Aarhus or the surrounding areas for our different teams and make sure to match the cases and candidates well. Do you wanna join a team the next time we start cases in Aarhus? Then contact us or Jobcenter Aarhus.

You are also very welcome to reach out to us if you want to hear more about the course before you sign up.

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