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Since we started Potential in Action in 2011, we have worked with leading Danish companies on a variety of business cases.

A case will often aim for business development in some way and can contain elements such as market analysis, competitors analysis, process analysis, communication strategy, branding initiatives and the like.

Many interesting and innovative solutions have been created by our different teams of young talents. Here you can read about some of the cases our teams have worked on.

The B2B division of Louis Nielsen wanted to increase their insight into their market and its development. The team researched and presented a take on how the world will look in 5 years as well as the consequences it will have for Louis Nielsen’s professional clients.
At Scandi Byg, the team investigated how to increase productivity. They did an in-depth analysis with surveys and interviews and presented a report with 30 suggestions for optimising and increasing productivity with accompanying risk analyses and implementation plans for each.
Lindenborg Slot tasked the group with specifying their customer segments in order to optimise marketing efforts. The team completed a customer analysis and a social media analysis. They also provided the company with insights as to how the revenue could be strengthened.
At NLP Akademiet, a team solved a communication project focussing on a competitor analysis, social media strategy and digital optimisation of their website. Besides this, they designed a sustainability strategy for the company.
VR Game needed a major update to their website as well as a marketing video. The team created a whole new website based on an extensive survey and analysis. They also produced video, text, interviews, a photo archive and an employee manual.
XL Byg got new insight into their customer segments through a marketing project. The team undertook a customer analysis and did a number of relevant interviews. They then created a communication strategy for social media and compiled relevant marketing resources.
Clubtimiser needed an analysis of which foreign markets it would be best to access. The team made an analysis of central sports clubs in Germany and England as well as their current challenges and a strategy for how best to pursue them as clients
DESMI wanted personas for their 5 divisions in the company. The team produced a visual and thorough presentation of different personas as well as a report on how to use them as an employee – especially for people in the sales department.
Alfa Laval wanted improved insight into relevant target groups and channels for attracting new employees. The team organised an extensive survey and delivered a Business Report for Employer Branding and Retention with personas and channels for improving recruitment.
Skive Køletransport wished to strengthen their internal and external communication. The team therefore devised a marketing strategy with content and suggestions for their website as well as an internal communication strategy with an employee manual and content for their intranet.
MyHeart wanted a new perspective on their company and brand. As a result, the team created a new vision and new values for the company and used that to implement a completely new website, a marketing video and written content for social media.
IKEA was experiencing a high employee turnover rate. The team therefore did in-depth analyses across different functions such as HR and sales as well as different types of full-time and part-time contracts. On that basis, they presented specific solutions to reducing the employee turnover rate.
At EY, the team mapped what needs future auditors should strive to cover for managing directors. This entailed an analysis of the goals companies want to achieve through auditing in the future as well as the parameters that influence managing directors when choosing an auditing partner.
Improvento wanted to future-proof the user experience of their IT solutions and therefore had the team perform an extensive investigation of their system. Building on a GAP analysis, the team made concrete suggestions as to how visual and functional elements should be optimised.
Anodyne wished to expand their sales geographically. The team contributed with an in-depth market analysis, prioritising all countries in Europe and South America in terms of how interesting a market opportunity they present to Anodyne.
The manufacturing company Loevschall is used to selling its products on trade fairs and needed help in digitising their marketing and sales channels. Through a customer and competitors analysis, the team presented the company with a new universe for their digital profile.
KK Wind Solutions wanted help optimising and digitising their services and after sales. The team solved that task by developing a go-to-market plan with specific examples of how a more targeted digital approach to customers should look like.
The team at Schultz Seating System focused their energy on a digitisation process so that the old company could improve its appeal to new customers. They did so by updating marketing materials, website and trade fair materials.
Siemens Gamesa needed an internal rebranding of their talent programme. This was done by having the team design a rebranding strategy as well as a communication plan with creative input targeted towards stakeholders in business and HR.
Rold StorKro wished to generate, assess and develop new ideas for off-season products targeted towards businesses. The team came up with new ideas, evaluated the existing and took a look at strategic development in that specific direction.
At Arena Nord, an optimization of communication based on a new SoMe strategy was due. The team presented different suggestions and ideas for social media communication in order to improve marketing efforts.
At Djurslands Bank, a future business strategy was needed for their product UngBank which focusses on customers in the age of 18-30 years. The team came up with a strategy proposal based on a market and target group analysis and gave input as to the implementation process.
Sukup Europe needed to uncover and implement GDPR terms and considerations. The team mapped different data flows, did a risk analysis and composed and revised relevant procedures and policies for data protection.
Hans Jensen Transport wished to optimise their planning and scheduling processes. The team helped by developing a system to improve the existing processes with an eye to the strategic development of the company.
Xterna was in need of a market analysis regarding which European countries they should recruit from in the future. The team identified relevant professional sectors, education levels and cultures as well as the platforms which Xterna should use for recruiting.
At EnviDan, they needed the team to make a proposal on how to enhance their culture of innovation. This among other things entailed the team working on securing the employees’ commitment and keeping an eye on the training of new employees to ensure the entire organisation was on board with this new culture.
Boyum IT wanted a market plan for their ERP system. The team examined the target group, opportunities for dialogue and communication, market trends and different competences that the company would need in the future.
Danish Export Association asked the question: How should we start up the association if we started today? To answer this question, the team examined member types, different ways of managing an association, possible locations, how to secure members for the future, alternative ways and more.
TMPO needed help with creative marketing in order to recruit more young people. On the basis of interviews and other research, the team focused on using Snapchat as a recruitment channel as well as on developing concept and content for a visual content marketing campaign.
AAG needed a plan for entering new markets. The team provided them with an analysis of export markets, competitor situation, political regulations and more for the development of the new strategy.
HJ Lubricators needed help with CRM optimisation. The team performed an assessment of different CRM systems, investigated needs through interviews and a field study and delivered a CRM implementation plan.
HMK Bilcon needed the team to make a thorough market analysis. The team provided this with a special focus on the company’s internal and external relationships.
System Cleaners needed clarification of the future within the business of institutional kitchens. Based on different analyses and examinations, the team made a recommendation whether to go for the market, sell the product or start a new business.
Riantics needed a strategy proposal for their new product. The team completed a market analysis of the business segments and examined where and how to begin the new strategy proposal.
Jysk Pension needed an examination of customer satisfaction and an analysis of their competitors on the market. On this basis, the team managed to uncover the relevant customer segments, possibilities for future counselling and also produced a customer film.
Nordic Computer wanted help creating more meaningful content to enhance their visibility on LinkedIn. Building on in-depth research, the team created videos, articles, guides and other types of relevant professional content.
Gabriel wanted an analysis of their data management prior to the new General Data Protection Regulation. The team developed a guide to managing data for the managers and employees in the company as well as a plan for annual revision of compliance.
Danish Crown needed a team to develop an onboarding process for new employees. The team uncovered the requirements of the onboarding process and developed a new concept for welcoming new employees and supporting their start-up in the company.
CostPartner has developed the index SFI and wanted help with the distribution. The team developed a business plan for distributing and implementing SFI to other countries.
BabySam needed help with a new onboarding process focussing on generation Y and Z. The team developed a process ensuring that BabySam finds the right employees and prepares the employees for the high standards of the customers.
As new players on the Australian market, Justsen needed a business plan for this area of their business. The team developed a marketing strategy based on an examination of the legal requirements and an analysis of their competitors on the market.
MHI Vestas needed to optimise their internal information flow in connection with the implementation of the new Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data. The team worked on mapping and optimising information security and user-friendliness on MHI Vestas’ internal platforms.
EY wished to increase the visibility of their advisory services targeted to companies in the food industry. The team completed a market analysis and developed specific suggestions as to how EY could establish and expand contact in this industry.
At Johnson Controls, the team helped maximise the effect of the company’s partnership with the consumer information campaign CLIMATE PLANET through marketing and communication initiatives. The team outlined and increased the visibility of the company’s green profile and developed concepts and designs for Johnson Controls’ presence in the exhibition area of the campaign.
The HR Department at Arla went through a series of changes and wanted to investigate and improve the user experience of their HR services inside the company. The team helped by mapping HR needs and expectations, define segments and develop user experience personas.
BoConcept needed a team to create an onboarding process for new employees. The team surveyed the needs in the onboarding process and developed plans and materials for use in the process of welcoming new employees and supporting their job start in the company.
At Grundfos the team had to devise a communications structure that could anchor internal communication. Focus was on ensuring the common direction and help the management team communicate the strategy in order for employees to know the priorities.
The Event Department at STARK wished to develop their events and optimise on the coming season. The task of the team was to develop future events in accordance with the local businesses and the interests of the customers. The goal was to create synergy between the headquarter and the associations’ activities.
Dansk Supermarked Group wished for the team to take a closer look at one of their Corporate Graduate Programmes. The team had to complete a target group analysis and on the base of this develop initiatives that could be put into action to better attract the target group.
At home, the team was tasked with investigating the future of realtor business. Through an analysis of the needs of the customers and future digitilisation, the team came up with suggestions for an implementation plan that was to secure home’s continued growth in market position for the next 5-10 years.
At Baby Dan the team devised a competitor analysis, a brand awareness analysis and a target group analysis. The analyses were used to assess which factors affected the target group in the decision to buy. Based on the analytical groundwork, the team also developed a marketing strategy for Baby Dan.
At Jysk, the team had to work on expanding online sales. Jysk needed an analysis of the relevant markets and an investigation of the prioritisation of goods. The work resulted in clear recommendations for a online strategy for the future as well as for the type of goods that should be sold online.

What does the companies think?

  • Marcela Alvarado

    Intranet Manager, Arla
    “I am really positively surprised by how good and thorough work Add Value have done with finding the exact right candidates and how they have managed to create the perfect team for the task on hand. The team is exceptional! They have been able to perform the relevant tasks from day one and have managed to propel us forward in a greater degree than we had dared hoped for. I would without hesitation work with Add Value again if the opportunity arises and can only give them my best recommendations.”
  • Klaus Damgaard Kristensen

    Director, Johnson Controls
    “The Potential in Action team has designed and developed our solution for CLIMATE PLANET 2017. The team has exceeded all expectations with their great commitment and fresh perspective on our company. Potential in Action gave us the opportunity to try out some things that are not usually possible with short deadlines and tight budgets.”
  • Camilla Bitsch

    Head of Staff, Salling
    “We have gained advise and input for really concrete issues. I have been very impressed by how far the team was able to get with the project in a very short matter of time. They have been very self-propelled and has not needed to be led by the hand at all. Generally I have experience that the outcome has been far greater with the team than when we have collaborated with individuals.”
  • Anette Work

    Event Manager, STARK
    “It has been very exciting to house a team from outside our company. They have delivered a product that I could not have created myself, seeing as I would never have the necessary time. So it is very important knowledge that they have brought into STARK.”

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